Research by this group focuses on understanding the burden of major diseases with an emphasis on their prevention and control. We have been working essentially on the two main causes of death, namely cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and on one of the main contributors to years lost due to disability, musculoskeletal diseases.


Medical sciences have witnessed major achievements in the development of effective strategies for the secondary prevention and treatment of these chronic diseases. This challenges the need for their rational use, according to the best available evidence, ensuring equity in access, and taking into account the sustainability of health systems.


Our mission is to produce evidence and tools with direct application in the planning of public health policies and efficient use of resources, spanning from etiological research and needs assessment to the evaluation of public health programs. We will achieve this goal by using complementary approaches, from the design and conduct of primary data collection to the analysis of secondary data and quantitative synthesis of published evidence.


The group is composed of senior integrated members who lead individual research lines in areas defined by the main nosological entities studied, and their teams.