16.07.2018 - 15.07.2021

NanoBioBarriers: Estudo dos mecanismos subjacentes aos efeitos das nanopartículas metálicas nas barreiras biológicas - contribuição para a implementação do conceito safe-by-design (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-031162


Financing Instituitions

Participating Institutions
ISPUP; Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA), Germany; University of Gdansk, Poland;



Begin Date: 16th july 2018

End Date: 15th july 2021


Total Budget: 215.723,76€

Budget attributed to ISPUP: 215.723,76€


Principal Investigator: Sónia Fraga


The capitalization of the innovative and economic potential of Nanotechnology is hampered by the uncertainty regarding the health safety aspects of the manufactured nanomaterials. NanoBioBarriers proposes an integrated and comprehensive approach to determine the risk associated to exposure to metal nanoparticles (M-NPs) of industrial, consumer and biomedical interest at intestinal and placental barrier level. In vitro studies will be conducted to identify genomic and non-genomic responses associated with exposure to low and non-cytotoxic concentrations of M-NPs. An innovative approach will be employed to assess how this class of nanoparticles impacts the cell barrier function.


In silico analysis of overall data will enable to determine the relationship between the physicochemical properties and the biological activity of the M-NPs on each biological barrier. This knowledge will ultimately contribute for the rational design of safer and effective M-NPs.


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