Ensuring an interactive relationship able to promote the flow of scientific knowledge to society is a priority assumed by ISPUP as part of its mission. Engage the community in scientific subjects, either through the media or through the implementation of strategic actions to attract interest for issues that influence the health of populations is a constant challenge, to which it has sought to give sustained and effective responses.


Researchers from ISPUP have the responsibility to spread the knowledge not only to their peers but also target less familiar public with scientific topics, with a proactive attitude. There is a growing concern in communicating in accordance with the theories of public understanding of science that argue the extension of the unilateral process of scientific dissemination, from scientists to the public, to the inclusion of interaction between the parties involved. With this attitude in the way of communicating the science produced in ISPUP, we believe that our involvement in the Science and Society activities can lead to an effective participation.


Accordingly, we aim, not only to work the presence of ISPUP in media to raise awareness the achievements of the Institute to the general public (via press releases, and direct contact with journalists), but also promote other activities that foment the direct involvement of society with our scientists / researchers.


The Fine Arts Programme - Panel Gallery, resulting from a partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Porto, offers regular exhibitions which are free entry for the whole community, in order to foster the relationship Culture - Public Health - Population. The Cultural Programme, promoted by ISPUP researchers reinforces the ambition to foster this relationship by promoting activities such as films exhibition/ documentaries also free entry that address central topics of public health that can lead people to reflect on their relevance.


Community engagement with ISPUP has also been working with recourse to other activities, including participation in Junior University of University of Porto that potentiates to the young the opportunity to discuss the issues of public health directly with our researchers; or the University of Porto Show that shows the community what is developed in ISPUP; conducting debates open to the community; participation of researchers in scientific events ISPUP directed to the general public; among others. To instigate the relationship between Science and Society is an objective in constant construction, so that many other activities are being designed and planned.


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