The Epidemiology Research Unit (EPIUnit) (Refª UID/DTP/04750/2013) was created at the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto to scale-up a large body of experience and internationally competitive research on this fundamental area of health. It covers the population, clinical and translational aspects of epidemiology within a strong metric and qualitative research environment.


The unit is embedded in the extended scope of the Institute, both thematically and organizationally, using the financial, communication and teaching facilities already established, including an FCT financed PhD programme.


EPIUnit work is developed amidst this larger framework, the Institute, which complements and extends the more focused intervention choices of the Unit.


Research translation and multidisciplinarity are historical cornerstones of epidemiology.


EPIUnit is organized into research groups that reflect this vision and project it into the future, through cutting edge research in complementary core areas of epidemiology. EPIUnit is led by a Coordinator and a deputy Coordinator that were appointed by the Institute after being proposed by the Unit´s General Assembly (all members with a doctoral degree), with a five-year mandate. They work in close cooperation with a Board of Directors (monthly meetings), comprising the heads of the seven research groups that make up the structure of the Unit, plus one representative of the Board of Young Scientists (a body of six post-doctoral and doctoral students, elected by their peers, devoted to dealing with internal organizational options and career planning). Each research group is the convergence of individual coherent research lines defined by a principal investigator leading a small group of post-doctoral, doctoral and master's students. The Unit also has an international Advisory Board (3 renowned scientists) that will help to shape its research agenda and will take part in the two-yearly internal evaluation exercises.


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