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Susana Silva comments on the delayed pregnancy associated with the freezing of oocytes.


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Subcutaneous fat mass in infancy and cardiovascular risk factors at school-age: The generation R study.
Obesity (Silver Spring)
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Ana Sofia Estevão Mendes

Research - PhD Students

Ana Mendes’ current research addresses health related quality of life impact due to indoor air contaminants in susceptible group populations. Additionally she is working in a range of topics such as occupational, indoor and environmental settings that include: Human exposure and health risk assessment, indoor air quality applied laboratory and field studies and health impact assessment applied to contemporary problems. Other research experience and interests include: health and safety risk assessment, study of sustainable systems particularly environmental impacts of energy production and environmental awareness through education for sustainability. She’s a PhD candidate for Biomedical Sciences at Abel Salazar Institute for Biomedical Sciences (ICBAS), University of Porto.

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Estela Vilhena

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

Estela Vilhena graduated in 1997 in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Aveiro. Was Professor of Mathematics of Basic Education for the following three years. In 2000/2001 was Research scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in the framework of the research project carried out in partnership with the Sub-Region of Aveiro and the University of Aveiro: "Restructuring of Health Services in the District of Aveiro". In 2003 acquires the degree of Master of Applied Statistics and Modelling from the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University. Between 2003 and 2009 collaborated on the project, Neurophysiological and psychophysiological characterization of brain dysfunction using qEEG/ERP studies: Methodologies and Applications (BIAL Foundation). His additional formation was always centered in the area of ​​Statistics/Biostatistics. Between 2008 and 2011 collaborates in project PTDC/PSI/71635/2006; “Psychosocial factors that predict the adjustment to life in people with severe diseases (FCT)”. Acquires the title of PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, University of Porto, in April 2014. Since then is a member of the research group Biostatistics and Measurements in Health Research Unit in Epidemiology, at ISPUP. Since 2000 he teaches at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave; is currently Adjunct Professor, Coordinator of disciplinary Groups of Mathematics and Statistics and is orienting master degree students in the areas of Quality and Management. In July 2014 becomes a member of the Research Group of "Research Group on Quality and Excellence", in University of Minho.

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Liliana Abreu

Research - PhD Students

Liliana Abreu, sociologist (Master in Sociology since 2008) is a PhD Student in Public Health at the University of Porto Medical School (Porto-Portugal), with a grant from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (ref. SFRH/BD/78949/2011). She develops her research work at the Institute for Molecular and Cell Biology of the University of Porto since 2010, as part of the Office for Science Communication (OSC). She is a member of the Department of Health and Society since 2014. She was a member of the project “Evaluating the state of public knowledge on health and health information in Portugal” (ref. HMSP-IISE/SAU-ICT/0003/2009) financed by Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology and Harvard Medical School – Portugal Program. Her PhD thesis concerns the topic of distributed health literacy of people living with long-term health conditions, namely, asthma and diabetes. She is interested in studying the distributed health literacy, identifying motivators, facilitators and barriers in the process of appropriation of knowledge of health in general and own health conditions, using research qualitative methodologies.

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Raquel Braga

Licenciou-se em Medicina no ICBAS, da Universidade do Porto em 1994, e especializou-se em Medicina Geral e Familiar (MGF) em 2000. Assistente Graduada de Medicina Geral e Familiar desde 2008, com pós-graduação em Gestão e Liderança pela Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics em 2012.

Desde 2000 exerce funções como Médica de Família no Centro de Saúde (CS) da Senhora da Hora. Em Julho de 2010 integrou a USF Lagoa localizada no CS Senhora da Hora.

De 2005 a 2011 foi Directora de Internato da Coordenação de Internato de MGF da Zona Norte - Direccção de Internato Matosinhos e Vila do Conde/ Póvoa e posteriormente Direcção de Internato de Matosinhos.

De Fevereiro de 2011 a Fevereiro de 2013 foi Presidente do Conselho Clínico do ACES de Matosinhos, mantendo sempre actividade clínica com uma lista de utentes.

De 2005 a 2007 foi editora da Revista Portuguesa de Clínica Geral, posteriormente denominada Revista Portuguesa de Medicina Geral e Familiar, da qual foi Directora desde Março de 2011 até Abril de 2014.

Em 2012 foi nomeada Assessora do Presidente do Conselho de Administração da ULS Matosinhos, com delegação de todas as funções de Directora Clínica para a área dos Cuidados de Saúde Primários - função que assumiu até Fevereiro de 2013.

De 2010 a 2012 pertenceu à Direcção do Colégio de MGF da Ordem dos Médicos.

Em 2013 integrou a Comissão de Ética do Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto.

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Sílvia Fraga

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

Sílvia Fraga completed her PhD in Public Health at University of Porto, in 2013, and became a post-doc researcher at the Institute of Public Health of University of Porto, in 2014, being a core member of the Department of Health and Society and of the research group on Social Epidemiology (EPIUnit). She awarded a fellowship grant funding by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (SFRH/BPD/97015/2013) to develop a project aiming to explore how social adverse experiences may be incorporated and expressed on biomarkers.


Her main research interests include social inequalities in health, violence and the biology of social adversity, a groundbreaking research area.


Currently, she participates in the international project Life-course biological pathways underlying social differences in healthy ageing (LIFEPATH) led by Imperial College of London and funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020. She published several articles in national and international peer-reviewed journals, is responsible for supervision of master and doctoral students and also gives lectures to the post-graduate courses at the Medical School of Porto University.


CV available here.

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