Researcher from ISPUP at Programme Sociedade Civil da RTP2

Susana Silva comments on the delayed pregnancy associated with the freezing of oocytes.


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A shared biomechanical environment for bone and posture development in children.
Spine J
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Nuno Montenegro

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

NUNO AIRES MOTA de MENDONÇA MONTENEGRO, 59 anos, licenciado pela Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto (FMUP) em 1978.

Provas de Aptidão Pedagógica e Capacidade Científica na FMUP em 1989.

Especialista em Ginecologia e Obstetricia pela Ordem dos Médicos em 1991 e Assistente Hospitalar do Hospital s. João, Porto em 1992.

Competência em Ultrassonografia Obstétrica e Ginecológica, Bélgica 1987 e pela Ordem dos Médicos portuguesa em 1991.

Doutoramento em Medicina em 1993 e Provas de Agregação em 2000 pela Universidade do Porto

Investigador da Unidade de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Cardiovascular da FCT, de 1994 a 2004 e da Epidemiologic  Research Unit – ISPUP desde 2014.

Subespecialização em  “Fetal Medicine” Pelo international Educattional Committee, Fetal Medicine Foundation, Londres 2000

Professor Associado do Departamento de Ginecologia e Obstetricia  da FMUP em 2002

Chefe de Serviço do Departamento de Ginecologia e Obstetricia  do Hospital de S. João em 2004

Diretor do Serviço de Obstétrica do Hospital S. João de 2002-2004 e Diretor do Serviço de Ginecologia e Obstetricia do Hospital S. João desde 2006.

Membro de várias Comissões e Grupos de Trabalho da DGS ,  ERS, ARS Norte  e Ordem dos Médicos

Professor Catedrático Convidado da FMUP em 2012

Vice-Presidente do Conselho Diretivo da FMUP de 2007-2010 e Subdiretor da FMUP de 2010-2014 . eleito para o mesmo cargo e para o mandato 2014-2017

Mais de 150 Palestras a convite em Reuniões Cientificas Nacionais e Internacionais.

Mais de 218 publicações científicas das quais 120 em revistas indexadas de circulação internacional e com IF de 1,213 a 9,510 e mais de 600 citações.



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Carla Moreira

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

Carla Moreira was born in Germany, in 1972. She is graduated in Mathematics in University of Minho in 1996 and concluded her PhD in Statistics in the University of Vigo in 2010. Since 2009 she worked on several statistical problems within the area of survival analysis, more specifically;  contributed to the field of double truncation, such as regression with double truncation response, smoothing Methods for the estimation of the density function and goodness of-fit-Tests for the semiparametric truncation model, with special emphasis on biomedical applications, in SIDOR research group at  University of Vigo. Since November 2016 she works in the Institute of Public Health of University of Porto, collaborating in the project “Diabetes & obesity at the crossroads between Oncological and Cardiovascular diseases – a system analysis NETwork towards precision medicine (DOCnet)”. On the one hand, she is developing research in new advances in parametric and nonparametric curve estimation and testing under Double truncation.

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Teresa Mateus

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

Teresa Mateus was born in Porto in 1977. She graduated in Veterinary Medicine in 2001 (University of Trás-os-montes and Alto Douro - UTAD). She began to work in public health with livestock (tracking brucellosis and tuberculosis), but then changed to meat inspection and food safety, teaching at UTAD until 2004. In 2004 she moved to Coimbra to teach food safety and technology (Master Degree in Veterinary Medicine) in Escola Universitária Vasco da Gama (EUVG).  She made her master degree in Food Science and Technology (Biotechnology High School Portuguese Catholic University), and other post graduate studies in Health Education and Promotion, and Health Communication. Since 2007 she also teaches at Escola Superior Agrária de Ponte de Lima (ESAPL. In 2015 she finished her PhD in Veterinary Sciences at the University of Porto. Currently she teaches in food safety and technology and parasitology. She is very interested about One Health.

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