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Susana Silva comments on the delayed pregnancy associated with the freezing of oocytes.


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Impact of the global financial crisis on low birth weight in Portugal: a time-trend analysis
BMJ Global Health
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Ana Sofia Estevão Mendes

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)



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Ana Mendes’ current research addresses health related quality of life impact due to environmental and indoor air contaminants in susceptible group populations. Additionally, she is working in a range of topics such as occupational settings evaluation that include: Human exposure and health risk assessment, indoor air quality applied laboratory and field studies and health impact assessment useful to contemporary problems. Other research experience and interests include: health and safety risk assessment, study of sustainable systems particularly environmental impacts of energy production and environmental awareness through education for sustainability. She is a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (2016), MSc in Environmental Health (2008) and BSc in Environmental Sciences (2004). Her work resulted in several articles published in international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters (by invitation). She also has several communications in international conferences (both oral and posters) and publications in proceedings of scientific meetings.

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Susana Casal

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

With a background in Pharmaceutical Sciences (1996) and a PhD in Nutrition and Food Chemistry (2004), she is currently an assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto, where she teaches Food Technology, Food Chemistry and Nutrition. Her current research interests include the development of analytical methodologies and application in the evaluation of food processing impact on the nutritional and bioactive components of food, complemented by several works in the fields of quality control, food safety and authenticity, in direct support to public health interventions. Of particular highlight are the studies with lipid components, in food or biochemical matrices, supporting market studies and assessing the impact of food on the human body. She is the author of more than 120 scientific articles in indexed journals.

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Vitor Tedim Cruz

Research - Integrated Members (PhD)

Vítor Tedim Cruz was born in Porto, Portugal in 1974. He received his M.D. degree at ICBAS-HGSA, University of Oporto (1992-1998), was graduated in Neurology (2001-2005), proceeded with a post-graduation in Health Systems Management at University of Oporto Business School (2009-2010) and concluded his PhD in Health Sciences & Technology at the University of Aveiro in 2014. In 2015 integrated the Epidemiological Research Unit at the Public Health Institute of the University of Oporto. His major research interests are in neurorehabilitation, cognitive and behavioural neurology and cerebrovascular diseases. He is the principle investigator and co-investigator of public funded scientific projects and co-author of 36 international peer-reviewed articles indexed in Pubmed, 15 books and book chapters. He lectured in Neurosciences as an Invited Assistant at the Health Sciences Department, University of Aveiro (2006-2014). As a Senior Neurologist (since 2006) he runs a memory clinic at the Neurology Department, Centro Hospitalar Entre Douro e Vouga, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. In 2011 co-founded Neuroinova, a company dedicated to research and development of technologies in the field of cognitive rehabilitation and commercialization of COGWEB®, Brain on Track® and CACAO® systems. In 2013 co-founded Stroke of Genius, a start-up company dedicated to research and development of a system (SWORD®) to improve motor rehabilitation of stroke and other neurologic patients. He is member of the board of the Portuguese Stroke Organization (since 2011) and of the board of Neurologists of the Portuguese Medical Council (since 2012).

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Ana Sofia Aguiar

Research - Other Researchers

Ana Sofia Aguiar is a PhD student in Public Health and began her research career at the Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto in September 2015. She graduated in Educational Sciences from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto in 2013. In 2015, he completed a Master's Degree in Health Education at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto with the presentation of the master's dissertation entitled "A educação de pares como forma de aproximação humana a situações de toxicodependência: etnografia de uma instituição de redução de riscos". Her main research interests are the epidemiology and determinants of HIV infection, viral hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections among the most-at-risk populations, including men who have sex with men, people who use drugs, sex workers and migrants.

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