Henrique Barros


The ISPUP Biobank is a pioneering research structure in Portugal, created in 1995, with the purpose of promoting research on the determinants of human health.

It stores hundreds of thousands of biological samples from the Institute’s population cohorts’ participants. 

These samples, which include urine, plasma, serum and whole blood, contain information about the life circumstances of participants of ISPUP longitudinal studies, allowing for a comprehensive characterisation of their health status and well-being.  

The wealth of information obtained through these samples has answered numerous scientific questions, and has the potential to provide essential information for the planning of personalised preventive measures, adapted to our population, thus contributing to the development of Preventive Medicine and Public Health in Portugal. 

The Biobank has enabled data sharing with international research groups, especially in the fields of nutrition, environmental, and perinatal health.


Daniela Miranda
Research Support - Biobank

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