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Communications Office

Communication Manager - Telma Alves

Administrative, Financial and Human Resources

Secretary - Sofia Neves and Germânia Barbosa

Administrative, Financial and Human Resources

Treasury - Ana Sousa and Camila Cunha


Intensive Courses Secretary


Public Health Specialization Course Secretary

Science Management

Cláudia Antunes

Intellectual Property Support and Service Provision

João Rufo, Inês Pádua and Cláudia Antunes

Data Protection Office

Data Protection Officer - Vasco Dias

Data Protection Technician

Data Protection Technician - Sofia Ribeiro

Occupational Health

Secretary - Sara Miranda

Research Support

Generation XXI Cohort - Cátia Ferreira

Research Support

Epiteen Cohort - Vítor Morais

Research Support

Very preterm birth Cohort - Ana Raquel Carvalho

Research Support

Biobank - Daniela Miranda

Research Support

Physical Health Assessment - Mariana Mendes

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