Platform For a Global Health - Qualification of Human Health Resources

Henrique Barros

Principal Investigator

Integrated Member (PhD)

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Sources of financing:

PRR AVISO N.º 01/PRR/2021

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The increasing complexity of the challenges faced by professionals, public administration and companies, intensified by this need for recovery based on innovation, knowledge and the acceleration of digital and ecological transitions, requires unprecedented investments in updating and retraining the skills of the active population, particularly at higher level, making the promotion of lifelong learning fundamental. The design and creation of the Platform For a Global Health aims to guarantee a collective effort and an impulse towards this higher qualification of the population, promoting social and economic development, modernisation and empowerment of the of human resources intervening in the health sector through public, private or individual institutions, in regions of Portugal particularly affected by the emerging social and pandemic crisis.

Funding: PRR