Municipal Health Plans

The Municipal Health Plan (MHP) is a strategic and privileged tool, designed according to the reality and specificity of each municipality, in order to contribute to the improvement of the health of its citizens through scientifically sustained strategies.

At a time when more and more competences and responsibilities in the area of health are being attributed to Municipal Councils, it is up to each Municipality to define the health promotion and disease prevention strategies to be implemented in its territory. 

The preparation of the Municipal Health Plan is particularly relevant due to its guiding characteristics and aggregation of specific actions to be adopted by the Municipality, along with key partners, in order to achieve common, previously prioritised goals. 

Several municipalities have requested ISPUP’s support for the preparation, scientific coordination, and evaluation of their MHP. 

With a vast experience in Public Health research, and with the scientific rigour and technical skill it is known for, ISPUP is the ideal partner for municipalities in the design, application and monitoring of their MHP.


ISPUP’s intervention in the scientific coordination of the Municipal Health Program includes:
  • Diagnosis of the health situation
  • Definition of goals and benchmarks
  • Definition of measures that enable the implementation of the MHP
  • Identification of regional or local partnerships according to the established goals
  • Scientific monitoring of the implementation of the plan in the field
  • Evaluation of the MHP and its implementation process

If you need further information on this subject or wish to discuss the creation and implementation of a MHP for your Municipality, please contact us.

Anna Muralova
Responsible for Municipal Health Plan service provision