Introduction to R for Health Data Science: Hands-on training

This hands-on training will provide an introductory overview of the basic tools for effective health data science with R.

22/11/2023 - 28/11/2023

4 sessions, from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.
22nd November – Wednesday;
23rd November – Thursday;
27th November – Monday;
28th November – Tuesday;

Deadline for registration

Obs.:Reduced fee applies to ISPUP students and collaborators, public health internship medical doctors and students and alumni from the University of Porto, upon presentation of the respective proof to the email

- Understand core R programming language concepts;
- Identify the main tidyverse functions used in a data science workflow;
- Perform common data transformation and pre-processing techniques in epidemiological data;
- Understand the syntax of a statistical model in R and manage the model output;
- Identify the core components of a ggplot and build their own plots;
- Build dynamic reports with RMarkdown;
- Develop simple dashboards using Shiny;
- Use version control within an R project.

The course is aimed at health professionals, researchers, data analysts, post-graduation students or anyone wanting to:
- Start using R as a tool for research or data science;
- Migrate to R from other software (e.g. Excel, Stata, SPSS);
- Expand their data analysis skillset with data cleaning, visualization and interactive reporting;

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Introduction to R for Health Data Science: Hands-on training
4 sessions
English (portuguese, if all the participants are portuguese speakers)
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