Individual- and System-level Factors Towards the Attainment of High Value Health Care

Ana Azevedo


Integrated Member (PhD)
This laboratory studies healthcare needs and their use, as well as the associated risks and outcomes, including the evaluation of user experience. In this context, it also focuses on the evaluation and optimisation of electronic health records as a data source for research and quality management.

The group carries out epidemiological research by assessing the impact of tools for risk prediction, optimising epidemiological surveillance, developing monitoring indicators and designing intervention studies. Mixed methodologies are used, taking advantage of the complementarity of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and big data approaches.

The main goals of the laboratory include:

  • The study of the validity, accuracy and completeness of the electronic medical record for quality management;
  • The development and validation of tools to evaluate the experience of users and professionals in the provision of health care;
  • The development and implementation of epidemiological surveillance systems of adverse events based on the electronic health record, as well as clinical decision support systems;
  • The improvement of interventions and surveillance of antibiotic use;
  • The improvement of the quality of care in the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • The assessment of changes in the needs and actual use of health care for users with chronic non-communicable diseases as a result of COVID-19;
  • The study of the performance and results of alternative organisation and financing models. 


The team that integrates this lab expects that, in 10 years, it will have contributed to improve the health status of the population regarding access to and quality of care; improve clinical practice and evidence-informed management; increase patient safety; modulate perceived health needs; and promote organisational learning through access to better quality information.

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