Causes and Prevention of Obesity and its Consequences

Elisabete Ramos


Integrated Member (PhD)
The research explored in this laboratory is mostly tested within the ISPUP population cohorts.

The work is developed in partnership with the other labs that integrate ITR as well as national and international external partnerships.

The goals of this lab are as follows:

  • To study the dynamics of adiposity and its impact on the cardiometabolic profile using a lifecourse approach;
  • To study different adiposity measures to summarize exposure to adiposity;
  • To evaluate cohort effects on the occurrence and trajectories of obesity;
  • To evaluate the mediating effect of chronic inflammation on the obesity effects;
  • To explore how diet and physical activity can modulate undesired effects of adiposity, namely through potential pro- and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.


The information produced through our research is useful to define policies according to the best evidence available.

The knowledge obtained, namely on the role of health-related behaviours, such as food intake and physical activity, will be used for the design, implementation and evaluation of community-based lifestyle interventions, as strategies for health promotion. This is done in close partnership with community stakeholders, namely with local governments, using a community-based participatory research.

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