Mental Health Literacy, Wellbeing, Depression and Suicide Prevention

Ricardo Gusmão


Integrated Member (PhD)

The laboratory develops research, educational activities and provides services to the community. The main topics of our skills and competences cover four main areas:

  • conceptualization in the comprehensive spectrum of mental health, from wellbeing to illness, crossing psychological suffering and mental health problems, leading to the organization of services;
  • mental health literacy (LSM), involving the implementation of interventions, exploration of determinants, and the impact of LSM on mental health outcomes;
  • research into the scalable implementation of community-based programs for the promotion of mental health and prevention of depression, other common mental illnesses, and suicide;
  • the institutional mission of consulting and seeking internal synergies aiming scientific production of excellence in mental health.

There is a close link with EUTIMIA, an NGO dedicated to LSM and international organizations such as IASP, EAAD, GAMIAN and several European university centers.

Research, education, and mental health service activities cover various populations throughout the entire life cycle and settings: the general population, the school and academic population, education professionals, primary health care, health professionals, workplaces, populations and risk groups, stakeholders and decision-makers.

Research Lab Team

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