Dietary Intake and Exercise in Obesity, Asthma and Allergy

Pedro Moreira


Collaborator Integrated Member (PhD)
The main goal of this laboratory is to improve knowledge on the role of dietary intake and exercise in obesity, asthma, allergy and inflammation, in a lifecycle approach.

The laboratory has been studying whether dietary intake, Mediterranean Diet and dietary patterns could modulate airway inflammation, asthma control, severity and prevalence, including obesity-asthma phenotype.

The link between diet, environment and allergy has been also addressed and a food allergy program e-intervention was developed to improve literacy at the community.

The main goal includes interlinked research lines to:

  • prospectively understand the effect of dietary, exercise and lifestyle exposures on obesity, asthma and food allergy outcomes during lifespan;
  • study the impact of combined healthy sustainable dietary, exercise interventions on inflammation, allergy, obesity and asthma, and biomarkers, metabolomic profile and multidimensional health, during lifespan;
  • study the effect of chrononutrition interventions in circadian homeostasis and biomarkers of dysmetabolism.

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