Public and Patient Involvement in Health

Cláudia de Freitas


Integrated Member (PhD)
Opportunities for meaningful involvement of patients and other members of the public in health decision-making are growing, spanning epidemiological and biomedical research, health service development and policy design.

At the same time, public and patient involvement is subject to various persisting challenges including limited resource allocation, inequitable group representation and intermittent assessment.

The Public and Patient Involvement in Health Lab aims to promote equity in public and patient involvement by fostering inclusive research and innovation, and to strengthen the evidence base to inform the development of responsive healthcare services and people-centred policies. This lab has a strong focus on co-producing knowledge with groups who have been traditionally at the margins of decision-making, and in bringing together a diverse set of stakeholders in the fields of health policy, care and research.

Specific goals include the study of public views, values, needs and attitudes towards biomedical research involvement, personalized care and health data governance, with an emphasis on genetic and reproductive technologies.

The lab strives to produce scientific and socially relevant research by favouring a mixed-methods participatory approach and engaging with community organisations, academics, professionals and decision-makers, nationally and internationally, to promote the translation of research evidence into practice.

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