PRUDENT - Prioritization, incentives and Resource use for sUstainable DENTistry

Paulo Melo

Principal Investigator

Integrated Member (PhD)

Type of project:




Proposing institution:

Stichting Radboud Universitair Medisch Centrum - RADBOUDUMC

Participating institutions:

Syddansk Universitet (SDU); Technische Universitat Berlin (TUB); University College Cork - National University of Ireland, Cork (UCC); Universite Clermont Auvergne (UCA); Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto (ISPUP); Ministry for Health - Government of Malta (MFH); Universitetet i Oslo (UiO); Stichting Lygature (Lygature); Semmelweis Egyetem (SU); Mittetulundusuhing Eesti Hambaarstide Liit (EDA);

Start date:


(Predicted) End date:


Total budget:

Total: 4.640.205,00€; ISPUP: 102.028,75€


The PRUDENT (Prioritization, incentives and Resource use for sUstainable DENTistry) project aims to develop and implement an innovative and context-adaptive framework for optimized financing of oral care. PRUDENT brings together top investigators from prestigious universities, public authorities and policymakers, civil society and patient organizations, health insurers, and health professionals, to achieve a step change in collective problem solving. Given the comprehensiveness of the topic, PRUDENT uses a targeted approach that is entirely focused on four major root-causes underlying the current limitations of oral care financing.

Using a mixed-methods research approach, PRUDENT will: (i) co-develop oral health system performance indicators and implement them in EU-wide monitoring framework; (ii) conduct real-world and lab experiments to identify improved oral care financing mechanisms; (iii) leverage regulatory learning, needs-adaptive resource planning and deliberative priority setting to enhance the improvement of oral care financing. The knowledge gained will be merged into the PRUDENT Financing Companion with policy briefs and decision aid tools for concretely actionable and context-adaptive improvement of oral care financing.

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