Nuno Lunet

Nuno Lunet

Integrated Member (PhD)

Research Line: L4 - Patient and Population Outcomes Research
Labs: Cancer Epidemiology
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Nuno Lunet was born in 1973, in Viseu. He graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1997, received his master’s degree in Public Health in 2000 and his PhD in Public Health in 2005. He is member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Public Health, University of Porto (since 2007) and professor of Epidemiology in the Faculty of Medicine of Porto (invited assistant professor between 2006 and 2011 and assistant professor since 2011). He is member of the scientific committees of the PhD programs in Public Health (since 2007) and Biomedicine (since 2009), both from the University of Porto, belongs to the scientific committee of the Master in Public Health, University of Porto (since 2007) and is director of the Master in Health Education, University of Porto (since 2009). (Co)supervised four PhD theses and more than 30 master dissertations. His research activities, with special focus in cancer epidemiology and systematic review and meta-analysis techniques, resulted in more than 150 scientific publications in international journals.

He is editorial board member of the journals Arquivos de Medicina (since 2013), Journal of Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacoepidemiology (since 2009) and World Journal of Methodology (since 2013), belongs to the scientific committee of the African Journal of Cancer (since 2008) and is consultant editor of the journal Revista de Ciências de Saúde (desde 2013). He has been associate editor of the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (2008-2011). He is member of the National Ethics Committee for Clinical Investigation (since 2007) and the National Council for Oncology (since 2013).

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